Blast off with Rob Mazurek on new album ‘Dimensional Stardust’

Prepare for an intergalactic jazz experience.

Rob Mazurek and his Exploding Star Orchestra have dropped an engrossing new album, Dimensional Stardust.

Dimensional Stardust features a selection of intricate compositions from Mazurek, who works with his collaborators to deliver a stunningly diverse listening experience. On “The Careening Prism Within,” Jeff Parker delivers a grungy guitar solo, whereas opening track “Sun Core Tet” focuses on beautiful flute flourishes courtesy of Nicole Mitchell.

“He’s more like a vessel for sound,” Parker told the New York Times of working with Mazurek. “That’s a really simple way to look at yourself as a musician, but if you can start from there, the possibilities are infinite. Rob embraces that head-on. He’s a broad, wide-open musician who’s unique in today’s landscape and pretty unique overall.”


With its cosmic focus, it is clear that Mazurek takes inspiration from a number of icons before him such as Sun Ra, Pedro Santos and Bill Dixon, amongst others. The album was completed with an additional nine musicians aside from Parker and Mitchell. Mazurek recorded the album from August 2019 to March this year before hunkering down for meticulous post-production. Now, with the space odyssey that is Dimensional Stardust out in the world, Mazurek has released his most ambitious album to date.

Listen to the album here:

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