Bill Frisell shares new ‘Harmony’ single, “Everywhere”

Teeming with melodies and wandering guitars.

Bill Frisell has released “Everywhere,” offering a glimpse of his new album Harmony, his first record on Blue Note Records.

“Everywhere” ambles along, Petra Haden’s vocals gently resting upon the rich soundscape laid down by Frisell and Luke Bergman. It’s an explorative piece—one that is surprisingly light on actual lyrics—and the shining guitar tones blend gracefully with Haden’s breathy melodies.

Harmony—which Frisell recorded with Haden, Bergman and cellist Hank Roberts—is a grab bag of an album, including new songs, fresh versions of old numbers, covers and standards.


“If I think back throughout my whole life, all the music that I’ve loved, why can’t it all be there at the same time?” Frisell said of the varied tracklist in a press release. “You can play a Bob Dylan song and you can play a standard song or a Charlie Parker song, and they can fit together. Why not? There’s no reason why you can’t have ‘Lush Life’ and ‘Red River Valley’ on the same album. They’re both beautiful songs.”

Harmony, which was produced by Lee Townsend, will be released on October 4. Listen to “Everywhere” below:

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