BBE Music releases comp of global jazz music

Music from all over the world, sourced by IF Music’s Jean-Claude and Victor Kiswell.

Hot on the heels of its album of Charles Mingus live recordings comes a new compilation of world jazz from BBE Records.

Compiled by two esteemed crate-diggers, Jean-Claude Thompson of British record store IF Music and DJ/record dealer Victor Kiswell, IF Music Presents: You Need this World Jazz Grooves collects obscure recordings from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Artists included in the comp include the late American free jazz violinist Billy Bang’s Survival Ensemble, Japanese pianist Masabumi Kikuchi and Frenchman Michel Sardaby.


You Need this World Jazz Grooves aims to capture the timeless, global appeal of jazz. “Though influenced, jazz does not need to be dictated by trends,” Thompson and Kiswell said in a statement. “It has been experimented with by (almost) every population on the planet. It is its diversity, the fusing of various elements of different folklores, that allows jazz to constantly evolve and maintain its relevance.”

Though officially nine tracks long, some songs are exclusive to specific formats: “Calypso Jazz Improvisation” by Le Steel-Band De La Trinidad is available only in the vinyl and digital bundle, while “Ismaa” by The Jazz Committee for Latin American Affairs and “Pumu #1” by Masabumi Kikuchi are available only on CD and vinyl.

Stream seven tracks of the comp below:


And purchase the album via BBE Music here.

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