Bask in Greg Foat’s new album, ‘Symphonie Pacifique’

It features a tribute to late saxophonist Duncan Lamont.

British jazz pianist Greg Foat has released his new album and second release for the year, Symphonie Pacifique.

With an emphasis on groove, an inclusion of choral textures and new instruments like harp and tubular bells, the new LP marks a period of experimentation for Foat. The record also features “Lament for Lamont,” an homage to the late Scottish saxophonist Duncan Lamont, who was both an inspiration and collaborator for Foat.

“Duncan was one of the unsung heroes of British jazz,” Foat explained in a press statement. “He played with [Frank] Sinatra, composed some incredible library music and his 1970 album Best of the Bossa Novas was one of the biggest selling UK jazz albums of all time. I recorded with him for my album The Mage a few years ago and he was genuinely the nicest guy I have ever played with. He was looking forward to working on this album but sadly passed away a couple of months before the sessions, so we really wanted to record this tribute to him.”

Symphonie Pacifique was recorded analogue at London’s Fish Factory studios under Foat’s direction. Prior to his new album, Foat released Linkwood & Foat in February this year, a genre-bending collaboration with producer Linkwood that served as a reflection of sorts on a summer spent in Ibiza and the Isle of Wight.


Listen to Symphonie Pacifique here:


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