Ashley Henry makes debut with ‘Beautiful Vinyl Hunter’

A textured record loaded with guest musicians and vocalists.

London jazz pianist Ashley Henry has released his debut album, Beautiful Vinyl Hunter. It’s an impressive follow-up to his 2018 Easter EP.

The record blends a range of influences, from old-world jazz to modern hip hop to grime and more. Henry aimed for variety with the 15 sprawling tracks, explaining in a YouTube video that “the inspiration behind Beautiful Vinyl Hunter is the journey of sound and how different sounds and different textures can bring out different emotions.”

He also explained how its numerous collaborations came about: “I booked out the studio for a whole week and just had different artists, different musicians coming in and out. I really enjoyed it. I gave the musicians and the vocalists a lot of room to express themselves where they wanted to.” Jazz musos that appear on Beautiful Vinyl Hunter include Judi Jackson, Keyon Harrold, Milton Suggs, Theo Croker and Makaya McCraven.


Stream the album below:

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