Arve Henriksen readies album based on ‘sound walk’

The Norwegian trumpeter’s forthcoming record, ‘The Height of the Reeds,’ captures the mood of his art installation in Hull, England.

Last year, Arve Henriksen co-produced an art installation that had people don headphones an listen to his somber compositions while crossing a bridge in Hull, England. It was a haunting, lulling experience, one that the Norwegian trumpeter hopes to recreate on his forthcoming record, The Height of the Reeds.

In the site-specific sonic arts installation, attendees wore a receiver attached to a lanyard. As they made the 1.4-mile hike across the Humber Bridge, their various positions along the route triggered a corresponding set of sounds via the receiver. Field recordings, poetry and Henriksen’s own reed-like horn blared through the headphones, against a backdrop provided by a choir and orchestra.

And for those who weren’t there (read: all of us), at least we’ll soon have a record of the installation. Henriksen has, through a stunning discography, maintained his reputation as one of contemporary jazz’s most exciting talents—and with this LP, long may his reign continue.


The Height of the Reeds drops on August 31.

Watch a short film on the installation here:

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