Arturo O’Farrill unveils video for “Line in the Sand”

In partnership with UNICEF.

“Line in the Sand,” the emotional closing track on Latin jazz pianist/composer Arturo O’Farrill’s Fandango at the Wall, has received a devastatingly beautiful music video to match.

Released in partnership with UNICEF, the video features Broadway’s Mandy Gonzalez, whose powerhouse vocals add a punch of drama into O’Farrill’s heart-wrenching composition about the lives of refugees. Clips of Gonzalez performing the song in a recording studio are interspersed with footage of migrant families and children confined at the US-Mexico border, giving viewers a look inside the terrible camp conditions.

“There is hope, we must try / If we don’t, we’ll regret the rest of our lives / Side by side forever / You and me we are stronger together / Hoping to find a path to forgiveness,” Gonzalez belts over O’Farrill’s piano arrangement that builds with powerful precision.


Fandango at the Wall, released in September, is an album that hopes to “bring the people of the United States and Mexico together through music,” producer Kabir Sehgal wrote in the album’s liner notes. “After all, we don’t just share a border but families and friends, histories and futures. Our countries are interconnected, and our fates are interlinked.”

Watch the video for “Line in the Sand” below:

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