Anton Eger releases new track, “Sugaruzd +++ pT”

His debut solo album is out early next month.

Late last year, Anton Eger—the drummer of Phronesis—announced his first-ever solo album, Æ. It’s out in just a few weeks, and to up the excitement the Norwegian/Swedish musician has released a new song, “Sugaruzd +++ pT.”

The track is a great demonstration of Eger’s impeccable sense of rhythm, and of his collaborators’ talents—it’s a swirling melange of synths, Wurlitzer, electric bass and even harmonica. And though the album’s song titles are largely impenetrable, Eger did say the track is “a tribute to my old stomping grounds in Sweden.”

Æ is out February 8 on Edition Records. Stream the new song below:


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