Anton Eger announces solo debut album

The Phronesis drummer is stepping out.

Norwegian/Swedish drummer Anton Eger—who’s also a member of Phronesis—has announced his first-ever solo album, Æ.

He’s also unveiled “?irl MIP +++ hH,” which is just one of the album’s ten tracks with similarly idiosyncratic titles. The nearly six-minute-long track is a busy, off-kilter melange of liquid electronics, squawking synths and crisp drums.

“It’s a classic ‘I had a big change in my life’ thing that brought me to a place in life where I suddenly got a strong urge to say something as the person Anton Eger,” the drummer explained of his decision to release a solo album.


“I’ve been a band member and driving force in many bands throughout the years, so that’s probably the reason why it has taken me to my 37th year in life to develop this need that I now have.”

Æ will be out February 8 on Edition Records. Listen to “?irl MIP +++ hH” below:

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