Anteloper release improvisational ‘Tour Beats Vol 1’

Jaimie Branch and Jason Nazary drop tracks from a 2018 session.

Anteloper—the duo of Jaimie Branch and Jason Nazary—have released Tour Beats Vol 1, a four-track collection that was previously only available for sale on their fall 2019 tour.

Tour Beats Vol 1, which was released Wednesday, came about shortly after the duo released their debut album Kudu in April 2018. In May, Branch started a month-long residency at Brooklyn arts center Pioneer Works, and invited Nazary to her studio. Armed to the teeth with gear, the pair “did what they always do,” a press statement notes, and improvised the psychedelic recordings from nothing.

Tour Beats Vol 1 was previously available as a limited-edition run of analogue tapes on their Ante-Myths Sonic Projections Tour of the US. Now, label International Anthem has released the project online and on vinyl, which you can order here.

On Wednesday, Anteloper celebrated the release of Tour Beats Vol 1 with a digital album party where they performed live from the Hideout in Chicago. There, they also premiered animator Theodore Darst’s trippy video for the track “RADAR radio,” which you can now watch below:


And stream Tour Beats Vol 1 here:


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