Angel Bat Dawid releases a pair of new singles

“Transition East” and “No Space Fo Us” are her first release of 2020.

Jazz musician Angel Bat Dawid has followed up her 2019 album The Oracle with a multi-single release.

“Transition East” and its B-side “No Space Fo Us” arrives as a response to Emma Warren’s book Make Some Space, which told the story of the community that ran London’s now-defunct venue Total Refreshment Centre. Dawid met Warren in 2017 ahead of the book’s publication and originally composed the former track to accompany the audiobook release.

“‘No Space Fo Us’ was composed and recorded at a space in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil,” Dawid’s label International Anthem detailed in a press release. “Angel traveled with a crew of Chicago artists (including IARC label mates Ben LaMar Gay & Damon Locks) on a collaborative mission called Close to There (Perto de Lá). The track features Angel with Ben LaMar Gay and new Brazilian friends Edbrass Brasil, Romulo Alexis, Tadeu Mascarenhas, Nancy Viégas and Germano Estacio.”

“Transition East,” on the other hand, was written and recorded in Dawid’s space on the southside of Chicago where she resides. The two singles are available on 7” vinyl alongside a new edition of Make Some Space, which features a screed created by veteran music journalist Piotr Orlov.


Listen to “Transition East” and “No Space Fo Us” below:


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