Alfa Mist, Richard Spaven release debut project as 44th Move

The pianist and drummer team up.

Pianist Alfa Mist and drummer Richard Spaven have released their debut self-titled EP as 44th Move.

The five-track release, which was previewed with the Takuya Kuroda collaboration “Hope,” brings together the duo’s substantial experience in the worlds of jazz and hip hop. 44th Move also has connections to the duo’s previous work: For the second song and project standout “Fly,” Alfa Mist revealed that he “dug up” the same conversation that led to his breakout 2017 solo album, Antiphon.

“Creating the sound [of 44th Move] was just a coming together where we discovered that we shared a lot of the same influences,” Spaven said in a statement. “We got to writing straight away—before we really got to know each other. I found it easy with a ton of inspiration. Ideas kept coming and we were on the same page. In retrospect we want 44th to have an edge—it’s a ‘heart on your sleeve’ project where we can express all those hip hop and broken beat records.”


Stream 44th Move below:

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