Alfa Mist reflects on success in “Organic Rust”

From new album ‘Bring Backs.’

Alfa Mist has released “Organic Rust,” the second track from his upcoming album Bring Backs.

The new track, the East London pianist and producer said in a statement, is “about being at odds with the idea of success and how that can lead to apathy.” On the reflective song, he sing-raps, “All this surface talk while I’m knackered inside / I’d rather burn them all like I’m Anakin Sky / All these planets collide, trying to capitalise / It’s the furthest I’ve even been but I’m lagging behind.”

“Organic Rust” and previous single “Run Outs” will appear on Bring Backs, which is titled after a reference to the British version of the card game Blackjack. “The ‘Bring Backs’ rule means you can’t celebrate your win until the next round is over,” Alfa explained.


Alfa Mist wrote and produced Bring Backs, collaborating with his core band of Jamie Leeming (guitar), Kaya Thomas-Dyke (bass and vocals) and Johnny Woodham (trumpet). “Organic Rust” also features his 44th Move collaborator Richard Spaven on drums and Rocco Palladino on guitar.

Bring Backs, the follow-up to his 2019 solo album Structuralism, is out April 23 on ANTI- Records. Hear “Organic Rust” below:

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