Alfa Mist announces new album with “Run Outs”

The London pianist and producer has signed to ANTI-.

London’s Alfa Mist has signed to ANTI- Records, releasing new single “Run Outs” from his upcoming studio album Bring Backs.

Alfa opens the single with his signature Rhodes lines, as dreamy swirls of reverb wash around Johnny Woodham’s trumpet as he conjures up a run of hazy melodies. Elsewhere on the track, delicate guitarwork and a softly shuffling beat fill the space surrounding the central brass instrument. “Run Outs” arrived with a looping lo-fi visual of a train pulling up at East Ham station, located in the London Borough of Newham where Alfa grew up.

“Run Outs is a street game I remember playing when I was younger,” Alfa shared in a statement. “I used to think of making beats and playing with a band as separate worlds until I realised I was always trying to achieve the same thing. Making the music I want to make. With the song ‘Run Outs’ I’m bringing together the vibe of my earliest beats with where I’m at today.”


Alfa Mist has been steadily releasing new material since his 2017 breakthrough Antiphon. Last year, he re-released Epoch, his 2014 joint project with Emmavie, collaborated with Richard Spaven on a project as 44th Move, and dropped the solo piano EP On My Ones. His third solo album, Structuralism, arrived in 2019.

On April 23, he will debut on ANTI- with Bring Backs, which is set to feature Bumper Cars, Kaya Thomas-Dyke and Lex Amor. Collaborators on the album also include Jamie Leeming (guitar), Kaya Thomas-Dyke (bass and vocals), Jamie Houghton (drums) and Woodham (trumpet).

Listen to “Run Outs” below:


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