Youngboy Never Broke Again gets reflective on his new song

“Valuable Pain” will appear on his upcoming project, ‘Realer.’

Youngboy Never Broke Again continues his steady stream of releases with a brand-new single, “Valuable Pain.”

The 19-year-old rapper from Louisiana bares his soul, spilling all his worries over an infectious piano-driven trap beat. He reflects on his troubled relationship with a woman (“I fuck with you, but you don’t fuck with me / But somehow we still find a way to text each other ’fore we go to sleep”), and the deaths of his friends (“Don’t do no talkin’, have yo’ shit together when we come / I got too many brothers that done died by the gun”).

The song is accompanied by a sentimental Louieknows-directed video, which follows Youngboy performing the track at various locations, including a laundromat, a pawn shop and his mansion. Elsewhere, the rapper spends time with his sons and looks through old photos of his late best friend, Big Dump.


“Valuable Pain” will feature on Youngboy’s forthcoming project, Realer, out December 20. In the meantime, check out the song’s official MV below:

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