YoungBoy Never Broke Again drops two new songs

“Knocked Off” and “Fine By Time” are cuts from ‘Still Steppin, Still Flexin.’

Gearing up for the release of his new mixtape, Still Steppin, Still Flexin, YoungBoy Never Broke Again has dropped two new singles: “Knocked Off” and “Fine By Time.”

On “Knocked Off,” YoungBoy spits aggressive verses over a piano-driven beat. “I’m like who want beef? Just show me somethin’ / I got killers on Front Street and we ain’t runnin’ / How I come through, shawty, she don’t want no other / Pull up and we thuggin’, buckin’, clutchin’ on them cutters,” he raps.

“Fine By Time ” received a video treatment directed by Karlton Banks. On the song, the rapper gets introspective about his relationships, loyalty and past trauma. “My grandpa fucked me up, he was walkin’ out my home / He told me for to watch myself and keep my gun around / This n***a touched me to the heart, plenty battles I done fought / Don’t move in daylight when it’s dark, we at your top with them darts,” he spits.


Still Steppin, Still Flexin is the follow-up to last year’s AI YoungBoy 2. The new mixtape arrives February 21. Listen to “Knocked Off” here:

And watch the video for “Time By Time” below:


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