Young MA previews new album with “Hello Baby” featuring Fivio Foreign

From the newly announced record ‘Off the Yak.’

Young MA has announced her new album Off the Yak with the single “Hello Baby,” featuring Fivio Foreign.

Off the Yak is a nod to Nyak, Young MA’s beverage with Cognac, which makes several appearances in the music video for “Hello Baby.” In the clip, the rapper is surrounded by dancing models and drinks her own liquor as she boasts about her success and luck with the ladies.

“Ayy, sipping that Yakie, bitch in the pass’ seat / Got two more in the backseat,” she spits over Mike Zombie’s production. “Throw it in the bag, big bag me / I’m already married to the money, can’t have me.”


“Hello Baby” is MA’s second collaboration with Fivio after 2020’s “Move Like a Boss.” It also follows her recent singles, “Successful,” “Ooouuuvie” and the title track of Off the Yak.

Off the Yak, which is MA’s first project since her 2020 EP Red Flu, drops May 21. Watch the video for “Hello Baby” below:

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