Young Dolph claims his label won’t let him drop new music

In a Twitter rant, the rapper threatened to leak his own music.

It seems like we won’t be getting any new Young Dolph music for awhile—unless he leaks them himself. Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the rapper lashed out at his label—which went unnamed—in a five-tweet rant.

“The record label been [bullshittin]. They [won’t] let me drop any new music. I KNEW I SHOULDVE NEVER SIGNED THIS FUKIN DEAL,” he wrote. “Ima leak this mudafuka. FUK DEM!” he added.

But it’s unclear which label Dolph is referring to. The supposedly independent artist, whose albums so far have been released on his own label, Paper Route Empire, apparently has multiple record deals, including at least one with a major label. “I have a confession. I signed 2 deals in 2018 and signed a deal in 2015,” he tweeted. He also expressed contrition for criticizing other rappers while posing as an independent artist:


Dolph had made headlines last year when he inked a partnership with Empire Distribution, Records and Publishing, reported to be worth up to eight figures over the deal’s lifetime. This was after apparently turning down a $22 million recording deal with an undisclosed label.

Although, it seems Dolph isn’t quite done yet—the rapper still has one last thing to say, and he’s keeping us on the edge of our seats.


While we wait for this final bombshell, check out Dolph’s last release, Role Model, below:

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