Yo Gotti teams up with Lil Baby for “Put a Date on it”

The pair have a royal feast on the streets.

Yo Gotti kept a low profile last year, but he’s making his grand return with “Put a Date on it,” a brass-driven banger featuring Lil Baby.

In the accompanying video, the Memphis native throws a swanky banquet for his CMG family at an intersection in a deserted neighborhood. Seated on a plush throne in a lavish fur coat, the rapper announces his return to the rap game in style. “Why you competing with me, n***a? / We are not playing with the same check / It’s murder, more murder for hire / And that shit been stuck on my mindset,” Gotti raps.

“Put a Date on it” is the first track off Gotti’s forthcoming tenth studio album, Trapped. The rapper first previewed songs from the LP at Art Basel in Miami last December. He played 20 different tracks at the event, but told Billboard that most of them were “unfinished” and some might not even make it onto the final tracklist.


“When you live a certain way for so long, that’s the only way people can see you,” Gotti said when explaining his new album. “I don’t necessarily mean that’s who you is or you can’t change, but it’s a stigma that they put on you when you’re from a place where I’m from. That’s one way of looking at Trapped.”

Watch the video for “Put a Date on it” below:

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