Yhung TO unveils “Ooh Child / Some Day” MV

A new song from the SOB x RBE rapper.

Yhung TO of SOB x RBE has dropped a video for his new song, “Ooh Child / Some Day.”

The Paige Harmon-directed video features an iced out Yhung TO, singing and rapping around a pool table. Over a sample-heavy beat, the young rapper spits about his come-up and streetwise ways with lyrics like “If I told you ’bout this shit that I done did, you won’t believe me / Growing up inside these streets, it wasn’t easy / I’ve been trapped, young n***as drinking tap it ain’t no Fiji / Send that n***a the location, we gon’ rob him when we meet him.”

“Ooh Child / Some Day” is the latest solo visual from Yhung TO who dropped his last album, On My Momma 2, in March. Watch the video for “Ooh Child / Some Day” below:


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