YG, Kehlani release romantic new song, “Konclusions”

The collab interpolates Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary.”

YG and Kehlani have teamed up for a romantic new song, “Konclusions,” which dropped on Valentine’s Day.

The Compton rapper opens the track with introspective bars where he wonders about whether their feelings are mutual. “I wanna know ’cause I’m spendin’ time / I wanna know, got too much pride / Is this a full-time or this part-time? / I wanna know, don’t leave me blind,” he raps.

Kehlani jumps in later with the loved-up chorus, which interpolates Tupac Shakur’s 1997 song, “Hail Mary.” “When I say I love you / That means I love you / No matter what conclusion we come to,” she sings.


Back in November, Kehlani released the song “You Know Wassup,” where she addressed relationship troubles with her then-partner YG. However, since the release of “Konclusions,” the singer has confirmed in a now-deleted tweet that she’s “single.”

YG previously teamed up with R&B singer HER on the song “Slide.” Shortly before the release of “Konclusions,” Kehlani released a double-video for “All Me / Change Your Life.”

Listen to “Konclusions” below:


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