YBN Almighty Jay addresses robbery on “Let Me Breathe”

The rapper gets his recent troubles off his chest.

Just a few days ago, YBN Almighty Jay was reportedly mugged and beaten in New York, losing a chain in the process. The Texas rapper took to the studio to address the incident, dropping off the vulnerable single, “Let Me Breathe.”

On the track, he discusses not just the robbery, and in its accompanying video, shows off the scar on his face from the mugging. He also addresses his relationship with ex Blac Chyna and decries the media scrutiny he’s been subjected to.

“What would you do if you was me?” he raps. “Don’t know what I go through just to get to where I wanna be / You don’t got n***as plotting on you, tryna rob you at the beach / I can’t even wear my jewelry if I wanna cross the street.”


Check out “Let Me Breathe” below:

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