XXXTentacion’s “Sad!” music video is here

And it's giving us the chills.

It’s been a week since XXXTentacion’s death. But his legacy clearly still lives on.

The rapper’s video for his latest single, “Sad!,” was shared earlier today, and it’s slightly hard to watch.

When the clip opens, it’s pitch black and all we see are X’s eyes. There are murmurings in the background and subtitles appear, asking the viewers questions: “How old are you?” “Why are you watching this video?” and “Why do you hate?” The scene cuts and we follow the sullen rapper as he walks towards a funeral service. And as he gets closer to the coffin, we realize it’s a younger version of himself lying down in it. Wow, goosebumps.


The video continues, and X meets with the Grim Reaper who tells him he must “spread love throughout the world” and that “the world is in need of change.” Soon, we’re back at the funeral and XXXTentacion gets into a scuffle with his double. In the end, we see the rapper standing over his own body, somewhat proving that he’s left his past behind. The clip concludes with the words, “You have done well at battling yourself.”

Watch the music video here:

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