Wiz Khalifa drops “Rolling Papers 2” video

Turn it into a movie, stat. We’d watch it.

Last Friday, Wiz Khalifa delighted fans with the release of Rolling Papers 2, the sequel to 2011’s Rolling Papers. And to mark the record’s arrival, the rapper has unveiled the visual to the album’s title track.

Directed by Ernie Reyes Jr, the video is an action-packed thriller that takes a page from Hollywood blockbusters. It opens with Wiz and his friends at a bowling alley, where everything seems fine until the rapper almost gets knocked down by a speeding car. “Now, I don’t wanna get into this,” Wiz narrates over a picturesque shot of a city skyline before cutting to him dining in a Chinese restaurant, flanked by burly men. “But I need my sh*t.”

That’s when things start to escalate, and a violent brawl breaks out. The final showdown takes place on the rooftop where Wiz faces off with the gang’s leader. No prizes for guessing who comes out on top.


Check it out below:

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