Wiki ambles around New York City in “The Routine” MV

The rapper shows off his hometown.

New York City rapper Wiki has unveiled a Weird Dane-directed video for “The Routine,” a cut from his latest album Oofie.

In the clip, the rapper born Patrick Morales takes us through a typical day in his life as he shows off the colorful sights and sounds of his hometown. With a bagel in hand, the New Yorker wanders through the streets of Chinatown and Canal Street Market before making a final pit stop at a nightclub. “This the city that we live in / I just wanna kick some wisdom to the kids that’s finna run that / Time passed, time that you’ll never find back / Trust that, settle for the fun past, fuck that,” he spits.

“The Routine” is the latest visual from Oofie following “Pesto.” The 14-track album, which arrived last November, also includes the tracks “Eggs,” “Fee Fi Fo Fum” and “Smarty Jones” featuring Cleo Reed.

Check out the video for “The Routine” below:



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