Watch Young MA’s new video for “Off the Yak”

Her first release of the year.

Young MA has shared a video for her first single of the year, “Off the Yak.”

The New York City rapper shows off her luxury whip in the Cisco-directed clip, which also features her hanging out with her crew as they down bottles of Hennessy. “But back to the real, just bought me a ’Vette and still ain’t signed to a deal / N***as be signed and broke, damn, can’t even get out of your deal / I’m paranoid, one hand on my gun, the other hand on the wheel / Don’t like how he movin’, tell him to chill, my hitta ready to kill,” she spits.

After dropping “Off the Yak,” Young MA cleared her Instagram account of all posts not related to the single, prompting rumors about a potential new project. The rapper’s previous album, Herstory in the Making, was released in 2019. Last year, she also shared her Red Flu EP.


While you wait for more news, watch the video for “Off the Yak” below:

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