Watch the posthumous video for King Von’s “Wayne’s Story”

The clip is based on a treatment that Von wrote.

A month after King Von’s death, a posthumous music video for “Wayne’s Story,” a track from his Welcome to O’Block album, has been released.

The clip was directed by Joán based on a treatment that Von wrote, and features the rapper narrating the story of a teenager who gets caught up in a life of violent crime. “The whole city know that shorty killin’ shit / And he ain’t go to jail, yeah, shorty lit,” Von spits. “He don’t give a damn, he be skippin’ school / Breakin’ all the rules, givin’ n***as blues / School or the streets, shorty gotta choose / He picked the wrong one, shorty finna lose.”

Von was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta hookah lo unge last month. In the weeks following his death, his family has said they would continue releasing content from Welcome to O’Block to honor the late rapper’s creative vision.


“Thank you to everyone who has showed their outpouring of love for King Von,” they said in a statement. “To celebrate Von’s artistry, vision and the immense love that he had for his fans, we will be continuing his roll out of Welcome to O’Block while working to share unreleased music and interviews that he devoted his creativity into completing.”

Watch the video for “Wayne’s Story” below:


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