Watch Rich Brian’s short film, ‘Rich Brian is the Sailor’

His sophomore album, ‘The Sailor,’ soundtracks the clip.

Indonesian rapper Rich Brian has released Rich Brian is the Sailor, a short film that accompanies his latest album, The Sailor.

The 15-minute clip takes the viewer on a journey through the rapper’s home country, set to a medley of tracks from The Sailor. Directed by Sing J Lee, who also worked on the other MVs from the album, the film introduces us to Brian’s family and home life. It also highlights his hopes and dreams for the future.

“We can’t stress enough the importance of someone like Brian in the world of music,” Lee said in a statement. “With this album, Brian has created a home for himself in the space between his roots and his dreams.”


“As immigrants, the spaces we call our home [are] questioned and defined by others,” Lee added. “However, home is in the heart and mind. Home exists wherever there is love. Love for every experience that makes you who you are. That’s the poem in this film.”

The Sailor, which arrived last week, features contributions from RZA, Bekon and Joji. Watch Rich Brian is the Sailor here:

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