Watch Pop Smoke in the trailer for Eddie Huang’s ‘Boogie’

The late rapper makes his posthumous acting debut.

The first trailer for Eddie Huang’s directorial debut Boogie, which features a posthumous appearance by Pop Smoke, is out now.

According to the film’s official logline, Boogie is a coming-of-age story that follows Alfred “Boogie” Chin, an aspiring basketball player from Queens, who tries to make it to the big leagues despite his Asian parents’ disapproval. Pop plays the movie’s antagonist, Monk, who will compete against Chin on the court.

Soundtracked by Pop’s “Got it on Me,” the dramatic two-minute trailer features the first glimpse of the late rapper’s acting debut as he bumps heads with Taylor Takahashi’s Chin. At one point, their two characters get involved in an intense shoving match.


In an earlier interview with the New York Times, Huang praised Pop’s presence in front of the camera. “A lot of actors just don’t have the depth of emotion and experiences, but because of what Pop’s gone through, he has a tremendous well to draw from,” Huang said. “He gave me a thousand percent. They were tough 16-hour days, overnights, and he shot five overnights in a row.”

Boogie will be released in the US on March 5. An international release date has not been announced.

Check out the trailer for Boogie below:


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