Watch Mach-Hommy’s twisted short film ‘Mach’s Hard Lemonade’

Inspired by his recent album of the same name.

Newark rapper Mach-Hommy has unveiled a short film named after and inspired by his newest album Mach’s Hard Lemonade.

The six-minute video, which premiered on YouTube last week, was directed, edited, written and produced entirely by Mach-Hommy himself. It also stars the rapper, who sports his usual face bandana, alongside Tha God Fahim.

In the clip, soundtracked by album cuts “Photocopy Sloppy (Dump Fraud)” and “Clout Dracula (Remix),” Mach-Hommy finds himself under a lemon tree, surrounded by women whose eyes glow yellow. Later, things become increasingly bizarre when he takes them onboard a mysterious yacht—a plot twist you’ll have to watch for yourself.


Mach’s Hard Lemonade was released exclusively on TIDAL in August. The LP included guest spots from Earl Sweatshirt, Tha God Fahim, Your Old Droog, Navy Blue and more.

Check out Mach-Hommy’s short film below:

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