Watch Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti’s colorful MV for “Get Dripped”

With creative direction by Yachty himself.

Bask in the beautiful colors of this new video from Lil Yachty, for “Get Dripped” with Playboi Carti.

Directed by Chadwick Tyler, with creative direction by Yachty himself, the clip features the duo dressed to the nines, hanging out and rapping the Nuthin’ 2 Prove track in various quirky settings. In one instance, a puffy-jacketed Playboi crouches among rows of purple flowers as butterflies flutter in his hand. Yachty, meanwhile, splashes phosphorescent red paint all over a dark room.

There’s no real story to this video, but it’s certainly a feast for the eyes. Watch “Get Dripped” below:


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