Watch Lil Yachty, Donny Osmond wax lyrical about Chef Boyardee on “Start The Par-Dee”

This one will have you craving canned beef ravioli.

Lil Yachty has collaborated with Donny Osmond on a Chef Boyardee theme song—and it comes with a visual. Yes, you read that right.

The beloved brand turns 90 this year, and to mark the occasion, Lil Boat and the ’60s pop star have come together to put out a track, “Start The Par-dee.” It’s certainly from way out of left-field. And you can hate all you want, but when it comes to commercial dollars, Lil Yachty is leaving his peers in his wake.

“Start The Par-dee” is as ridiculous as it is fun. The track itself is set to the background of an edited version of the Chef Boyardee theme song. Lyrics, as you would expect, revolve around canned pasta. Prepare yourself for some painfully awkward bars by Osmond. “My name is Donny O, and you know I love my ravio’s (and a fork) / I’m gonna let you know, sauce it up, sauce it up, here we go,” the 60-year-old raps.


The visual is no less cringy, but it will certainly get people talking. And craving “Chef Bo-yar-dee…”

What do you think of the Lil Yachty-Donny Osmond collab?

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