Watch Koffee, Gunna make it rain in “W” visual

Quite literally.

Having secured a Grammy nomination for her album Rapture, Koffee has enlisted Gunna in a new clip for their song, “W.”

The clip, directed by Matt Baron, follows the Jamaican-bred artist as she returns to her home country. It opens on a church where a pastor is giving an uplifting sermon. But soon after, a local news outlet reports of an impending storm which leads families to seek shelter and brace themselves for destructive weather.

But things take a surprisingly positive left-turn as money rain down from the sky instead of droplets of water, flooding the streets with dollar bills. “‘W’ is all about encouraging people to focus on the wins and not the losses,” Koffee said in a press statement. “To not forget to live their best life and to always remember to give thanks.”

Watch the “W” music video below:



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