Watch Joyner Lucas’ cinematic video for “Snitch”

His new album, ‘Evolution,’ drops Friday.

Joyner Lucas has dropped a cinematic clip for “Snitch,” the latest song from his upcoming album, Evolution.

Directed by Ben Proulx and Lucas, the clip centers on a group of drug dealers who have been arrested by the police. In the interrogation room, one suspect is deciding whether or not to rat out his friends. Lucas plays a double-role in the visual as two detectives using the good cop/bad cop routine to convince the suspect to snitch.

“This your motherfunkin’ conscience, n***a don’t even do it / Don’t start actin’ like a bitch ’cause you forgot where you goin’ / You made choices that done put you here and now you just ruined,” Lucas raps as one detective.


“Nah, don’t listen to that n***a, that ain’t good advice / If you cooperate then it’s your chance to save your life / Just tell ’em what they wanna know, and you won’t pay the price,” he later spits as the second.

“Snitch” is the second single from Evolution following the Ashanti-assisted “Fall Slowly.” The upcoming album is the follow-up to March’s ADHD, which included the songs “Lotto,” “Revenge” and “Devil’s Work.”

Evolution is due out tomorrow, October 23. While you wait, watch the video for “Snitch” below:


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