Watch Erykah Badu’s unexpected BET freestyle

The icing on top of a fiery cypher by an all-female murderer’s row of rising rappers.

The BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired last night, included a slew of cyphers by many up-and-coming artists. One of those was an all-female cypher DJed by Erykah Badu herself—who decided to get in some bars of her own before it all wrapped up.

She kept it super chill, as is the Badu way, showing off her scratching skills and precise timing while dropping laid-back, referential bars tinged with profanity. Perhaps she was inspired by the emcees she was DJing for: Sharaya J, Chika, Neelam Hakeem and Bri Steves, all women who rapped tight, truthful rhymes right off the dome.

Check it out below:


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