Watch Drakeo the Ruler’s video for “Pow Right in the Kisser”

It features Ketchy the Great, Remble, MoneyMonk and Ralfy the Plug.

Drakeo the Ruler has shared a video for his The Truth Hurts cut, “Pow Right in the Kisser.”

For the clip, the California-based rapper assembles his collaborators Ralfy the Plug, MoneyMonk and Remble, where they perform the song and shop for shoes. The clip also features a posthumous appearance from Ketchy the Great, who passed away last month.

“He’s never coming back and that’s that / Pow, right in the kisser / I’mma shoot it ’til my hand cramp / Pow, right in the kisser / I ain’t finna go in bareback, bitch / Pow, right in the kisser / You love me, then come let my friends crash,” he spits.


The Truth Hurts was Drakeo’s first project of the year, following his four 2020 efforts: Because Y’all Asked, We Know the Truth and Thank You For Using GTL.

The Los Angeles rapper is currently gearing up to drop his next project, Ain’t That The Truth, which will feature the track “Just Retire.” Watch his video for “Pow Right in the Kisser” below:

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