Watch D Smoke’s thought-provoking video for “Lil’ Red”

A cut from the ‘Rhythm + Flow’ winners’ new EP, ‘Inglewood High.’

Rhythm + Flow winner D Smoke has dropped off a video for “Lil’ Red,” a cut from his first EP, Inglewood High.

The clip, directed by Nicholas Sokoloff, chronicles the life of a young boy and how’s he shaped by the environment he grows up in. “Manipulated by the older generation / Never gave a fuck about their integration / Into a world where they had a label with patience / He’d rather have them flames in his laces,” Smoke spits on the bilingual track.

“‘Lil’ Red’ depicts a premature loss of innocence,” D Smoke told Complex. “It’s a narrative of a kid becoming a product of his environment. It artistically explores the factors that mold a young goon and ultimately leaves the audience to arrive at their own conclusions—whether hopeful or fatalistic.”


According to Complex, D Smoke is currently working on a follow-up to Inglewood High, due out in February next year. Watch the video for “Lil’ Red” below:

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