Watch cartoon versions of Lil Jon, 2 Chainz, Offset in “Alive” video

The surreal, trippy animation sees the three rappers bounce, float and soar around a fantasy world.

“Alive,” Lil Jon’s banger of a tune that dropped a few months back, now has a video that’s as manic and excessive as the song itself.

In the clip, Lil Jon and his two featured guests, 2 Chainz and Offset, are transformed into cartoon characters within a bizarre universe where earthly physics doesn’t apply. The rappers bound around the world as champagne bottles overflow, tiny cars crash, and naked butts swallow them. Yeah, as you can probably tell, it’s completely ?.

“I really wanted to do something different, outside the normal, typical hip hop video,” Lil Jon said in an interview. “I’ve always been an artist that thinks ‘outside the box’ and gives my fans somethin’ fresh. Get ready, people are in for a wild ride with this one!”


Watch the clip for “Alive” here:

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