Watch Big Sean levitate in surreal “ZTFO” video

The rapper taps into his inner peace.

Big Sean has shared a dreamlike video for his song “ZTFO,” which stands for “zen the fuck out.”

Directed by Lawrence Lamont, the visual opens with Big Sean hovering over a swimming pool, floating higher and higher as the trap-inspired track gets more intense. “Signal goin’ in and out, swimmin’ at the house / Live with no doubts, zen the fuck out,” he spits on the opening.

Soon, the video cuts to inside the rapper’s house where he encounters another version of himself and they both start to meditate. The clip then ends with Big Sean reaching some state of nirvana and disappearing into a cloud of fluorescent dust.


“Whole World need to ZTFO,” Big Sean wrote on Instagram following the video’s release. “If we don’t have the same vision then we can’t exchange contacts…”

“ZTFO” is the latest cut from Big Sean’s latest album Detroit 2 to get the visual treatment, following “Lithuania” featuring Travis Scott and “Harder Than My Demons.” Shortly after releasing the record, the rapper opened up about the mental health struggles he faced while making it.

“I thought doing what I loved would always make me happy and satisfied, so when I got tired of it, I was confused and it drove me insane,” Sean wrote on Twitter. “Later I realized I was just growing and had to gain a new mentality and foundation on many levels and rediscover my passion!” He also added that he is learning to “embrace the ups and downs of life.”


Watch the video for “ZTFO” below:

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