Vote for the title of Migos’ next album

‘Culture III’ or the sequel to ‘Young Rich N***as II’?

Aside from a possible joint project with Drake, Migos are currently busy working on their upcoming album, which is due out next year. And they’ve reached out to fans to choose the direction and title of their new record.

On Sunday, Quavo took to Twitter to confirm that the group’s forthcoming album will be part of a trilogy and asked his followers to decide on the project’s title. “YRN 2 ?  C III ? Or a Whole New Chapter?? Fans Choose,” he wrote.


Shortly after, Migos’ official Twitter page posted the same question with a poll, asking fans to vote between Culture III, Young Rich N***as III and No Label III.


However, it seems like the record might be a standalone instead as Huncho later tweeted, “Ion think it’s gonna be nun of those.” ?

What do you think: Are we getting Culture III or a completely new project?

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