Vince Staples is buried alive in “Are You With That?” MV

The second surreal visual from his self-titled album.

Vince Staples has dropped a surreal music video for his single, “Are You With That?”

In the video released on July 13, Staples walks a Dalmatian, dances in an empty street at night, and slowly sinks into the ground in his backyard. He’s sent off with candles and flowers, before he is eventually buried, with only a cat prancing around his presumed grave.

Atop a hypnotic beat, the rapper narrates the struggles of street life: “City goin up, so you betta bust / Finna see who really one of us / Really spillin blood / Everybody tough, ’til they gotta go and see the judge.”


“Are You With That?” is the opening track of Staples’ self-titled album, which he dropped on July 9. The effort once again was produced by Kenny Beats, who had helmed Staples’ last project, 2018’s FM!. Staples began the album campaign with the lead single “Law of Averages,” which received a video depicting the rapper in his hometown of Long Beach.

Beyond releasing Vince Staples, Staples has also had a score of collabs under his belt in 2021, making appearances on tracks from Emotional Oranges, Pusha T, and Tiana Major9.

Watch the video for “Are You With That?” here:


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