Vic Mensa shares ‘Machiavelli’ short film

Featuring songs from his new mixtape, ‘V Tape.’

Vic Mensa has released Machiavelli, a short film inspired by the songs from his latest release V Tape.

Filmed in Mensa’s hometown of Chicago, the seven-minute clip pieces together extended versions of the visualizers the rapper had released earlier for each track. Split into three segments, the film tells a mesmerizing story about the rapper’s “rebirth.” It’s tied together by monologues narrated by Mensa, with the songs “Machiavelli,” “SC Freestyle” and “Rebirth” interspersed throughout.

In the final monologue the rapper says, “I wish a n***a would. Like fire to a match, I’m designed to react. Because the fear inside my spine and the tears behind my eyes are always present. That’s why I flip my brow and tilt my smile because I don’t want n***as to get the wrong impressions. See the components of my depression manifest as aggression. Too many premature funerals got me post-traumatic stressin’. And the disorder that I see in society as it applies to me makes me act violent as a form of self-expression.”


Mensa surprise-released V Tape at the end of last month. In a statement, the rapper hoped that his new project would comfort those in need during these tough times. “I’ve had to learn to love myself again. I had to move back to Chicago. Most importantly, I had to realize that every human deserves empathy and recognition of their humanity,” he wrote.

Watch Machiavelli below:

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