Tyler, the Creator, Schoolboy Q boycott Sweden following A$AP Rocky’s arrest

Free Flacko.

Tyler, the Creator and Schoolboy Q have declared travel boycotts on Sweden in solidarity with A$AP Rocky.

In a tweet, Tyler declared “no more Sweden for me, ever” before posting, “FLACKO FLACKO FLACKO.” Q quickly chimed in, joining the IGOR rapper in his boycott against the Scandinavian country. “I’m not goin nomo either,” the Los Angeles emcee replied.


The tweets are signs of solidarity with A$AP Rocky, who was arrested late last week for allegedly assaulting a man on the streets of Stockholm. The rapper, along with two of his associates, is currently detained in Sweden for two weeks while Swedish officials continue investigating the case. Rocky could face up to six years in jail if convicted, reports claimed.


According to Hollywood Reporter, Rocky’s lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja said they would appeal the rapper’s detention, and stated that the Harlem native would return if a trial was confirmed. “They were attacked and he made use of self-defense,” Lilja added. However, Sweden’s top court has since rejected the appeal as prosecutors believe Rocky is a flight risk, XXL reports.

Tyler and Q weren’t the only rappers to show support for Flacko. Fellow A$AP Mob member Ferg also defended Rocky by speaking out on his arrest on Instagram. “They are trying to keep him there for two weeks and if convicted he will be looking at six years just for defending himself in a fight. He was [in] no way [or] form the aggressor in this ordeal. Pray for justice,” he wrote.

Sheck Wes also joined the #FreeFlacko movement, sharing his own invasive encounter with Swedish authorities. “Police frisked me and the whole gang down in Sweden and [strip-searched] my mans with no consent and we just had [to] agree shit was wild aggressive, and that’s fucked up,” he tweeted. 

Rocky is slated to perform at several shows across Europe this summer, however dates for the rapper’s remaining gigs remain unclear at the moment.

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