Tyler, the Creator directs new Converse ad featuring Vince Staples

Also featuring Henry Rollins of Black Flag.

Tyler, the Creator has directed a wacky new ad for Converse that stars Vince Staples, Henry Rollins, Tim Meadows and more.

The hilarious clip centers around a meeting of The Really Cool Converse Club, where one of its members, Meadows, is about to be kicked out for breaking a cardinal rule: wearing a denim hat.

“Rule number 3, the most important rule of them all: No denim hats ’cause that’s nasty and ignorant,” the club chant in unison.


Meadows denies breaking the rule, but video evidence proves his guilt, forcing him out of the Converse-wearing society. Ahead of the ad’s unveiling on Wednesday, a brand representative joked in a statement, “Tyler, the Creator made a film for Converse. We had no idea what to expect.”

Tyler told Dazed he was inspired by the shoe brand’s mass appeal when creating the ad. The club meeting is a testament to that variety, as the leather jacket-wearing Meadows joins goth kids, skaters and more.

“There’s so many different types of people that wear this shoe and I just wanted to put them all in one place,” he said. “Regardless of whether it makes sense or not, just seeing them all under the one roof was important.”


This isn’t the first time the rapper has joined forces with the brand. Since 2017 he’s shared his own versions of classic Converse shoes, even designing his own original pair, the Gianno, in 2019.

Tyler, the Creator’s Converse tie-up comes in the wake of his album Call Me If You Get Lost, which featured the tracks “Lumberjack,” “Corso,” “Wusyaname” and more. Vince Staples’ appearance in the ad also follows the release of his self-titled album earlier this month.

Watch Tyler’s Converse ad below:

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