Tyler, the Creator breaks down his favorite ‘IGOR’ moments

The rapper shared parts of the album that made his “insides move.”

Tyler, the Creator has taken a break from his upcoming tour preparations and new ice cream collaboration to explain all of his favorite moments from IGOR, the rapper’s latest studio album. 

On Twitter, Tyler shared some details of the making of his fifth record, from technical tidbits like chord progressions to parts which simply “made [his] insides move.” The album’s centerpiece “NEW MAGIC WAND,” the rapper notes, is his favorite song he’s ever made. “It’s so Tyler: everything I’ve attempted in one, executed perfectly,” he wrote. 

Tyler then went on to compare Solange Knowles’ vocal runs on “a boy is a gun*” to the sound of “an angel landing” and vividly described the gorgeous harmonies on the fan favorite, “EARFQUAKE,” as the sound clouds make when they melt.


The rapper also revealed that he decided to leave the outro on “THANK YOU” mostly instrumental because he didn’t want to “ruin it with vocals.” “It’s a chord at 5:20 on [the song] that feels like it comes outta nowhere that I fucking LOVE. It sounds like water to me. Saturated, clear water blueish, a hint of yellow in it,” he explained. 

Elsewhere in his comprehensive breakdown, Tyler sent his love to Charlie Wilson and Jessy Wilson for their guest appearances on the album’s penultimate track, “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE.”

Check out all his tweets below: 


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