Two Lil Uzi Vert tracks leak online

Previously unreleased tracks, “Everything Lit” and “Introvert,” have surfaced on YouTube.

While Lil Uzi Vert has kept it on the down-low this year, fans have a reason to get excited thanks to two tracks—”Everything Lit” and “Introvert”—that leaked on WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube on Tuesday.

Fans may find these tracks familiar. They’ve been teased before on the hip hop artist’s previous work, but this is the first time we get to hear it in full, although it’s unsure if these leaks are in their final form.

“Introvert” reportedly originates from Uzi’s Luv is Rage sessions in 2015, while “Everything Lit” was first put together in 2016 during his Money Longer production.


The tracks share plenty of similarities, including an eerie, bass-heavy melody filled with synth. Here’s hoping Lil Uzi Vert surprises us with a full LP sometime this year.

Listen to them here:



“Everything Lit”

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