Trippie Redd transforms into a high school jock in “I Got You” MV

Meanwhile, Busta Rhymes plays his coach.

Trippe Redd returns to high school in the video for his latest Busta Rhymes collaboration, “I Got You.”

In the clip, Redd plays a jock who agrees to help his coach (played by Busta) reconnect with his long lost old flame, who also happens to be the mother of Redd’s girlfriend. “I ain’t really know how to get in touch with her in a long time, I need you to tap into Alexis, and find out where her mom’s been laying at,” Busta tells Redd.

Throughout the video, Redd tries his best to suss out information from his leading lady, which, of course, means plenty of flirting. Later he lets Busta know about the location of Alexis’ mother before the screen fades to black, hinting that the storyline will be continued in the next video.


“I Got You” is the latest in a string of recent releases from Redd. He’d previously dropped the songs “Excitement” and “Dreamer,” both of which are set to appear on his upcoming album Pegasus. Prior to that, the rapper had released his album, A Love Letter to You 4, which received a deluxe edition in February.

Check out his video for “I Got You” below:

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