Trippie Redd drops ‘Mad Max’-inspired clip for “Deadman’s Wonderland”

The rapper’s a fuel-injected suicide machine—a rocker, a roller, an out-of-controller!

It’s been a long time coming, but Trippie Redd yesterday shared a video for “Deadman’s Wonderland,” a track off his 2017 mixtape, A Love Letter to You 2. And true to the tune’s title, the clip’s an homage to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max.

In the cinematic visual directed by Matt Keane, Redd and collaborator FOREVER ANTi PoP find themselves in bad country. It’s where gas masks are mandatory, air sirens wail endlessly and territorial disputes are settled with the swing of a rusty old axe. Hope everyone’s had their tetanus shots.

It’s a killer video in both senses of the word—but we’re still waiting on that debut album from the “Dark Knight Dummo” hitmaker.


Watch the clip here:

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