Travis Scott links up with Kamaiyah on “All I Know”

The single was recorded two years ago, but it still slaps.

Kamaiyah has shared a new song “All I Know,” featuring Travis Scott—and in the Oakland rapper’s own words, “it’s a slap.”

The song, which was recorded in 2016, got leaked two days before its official release, according to Kamaiyah. “Someone leaked my song with Travis Scott on the internet and that’s the wrong version,” she tweeted last Thursday. “This shit still ain’t mixed and two years old, but fuck it. Whoever leaked it can suck it.”

Mixed or not, on “All I Know” Scott and Kamaiyah definitely deliver the heat with their slick flows. The track opens with a moody piano arrangement before a DJ Mustard-produced beat kicks in, transforming the track into one helluva banger. “Hot girl, keep a black bandana / Gettin’ jiggy like a background dancer,” Kamaiyah spits on the opening verse.


Stream “All I Know” below:

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