Tory Lanez responds to shooting allegations on new album

The rapper breaks his silence on the Megan Thee Stallion incident on ‘DAYSTAR.’

Tory Lanez has surprise-released a brand-new album titled DAYSTAR, which addresses the July shooting incident that involved him and fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Last month, Megan accused Lanez of shooting her in the foot that night in Hollywood Hills, when she suffered multiple gunshot wounds and underwent surgery. She also alleged that both Lanez and his team have tried to cover up the truth behind the incident.

Now, Lanez has broken his silence and addressed those allegations on his new album DAYSTAR. In an Instagram post uploaded prior to the release, Lanez wrote: “There is a time to stay silent. And a time to speak ….. I said all I could say on this.”


On the opening track, “Money Over Fallouts,” the Canadian rapper claims he’d been “framed” by Megan, her reps and the media. “Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting / But them boys ain’t clean enough / I see how they teamin’ up, watchin’ and I’m calculatin’,” he spits.

Lanez also called out other celebrities like Kehlani and Kaash Paige. The former had shown support for Meg by removing Tory Lanez from one of hers songs, and the latter had chimed in on the incident by saying Lanez “for sure doesn’t respect women.” He rapped: “I got nothin’ but love to spread, but n***as hate me / Hurt my heart to see them Twitter fingers come from Kehlani’s and Kaash Paige’s.”

Elsewhere on the album, Lanez discusses loyalty (“Jokes on Me”) and delivers a spoken-word message to his critics (“A Poem From Me 2 You”). The rapper also opens up about strained relationships on “Friends Become Strangers,” which seemingly alludes to his and Megan’s. “You yourself don’t even know the full story / Why you lettin’ people escalate it?” he wonders.


DAYSTAR marks Lanez’s first solo release since the shooting incident. In August, he dropped a collab with Legaxy called “Rotation.”

At the time of writing, Megan has yet to respond to the claims Lanez has made on the new album.

Stream DAYSTAR below:

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